Clear Quartz Statement Necklace


Clear Quartz Statement Necklace

Our Clear Quartz statement necklace is made with Clear Quartz with gold leaf paint accent, epoxied to Golden Wooden Blades with painted white fade detail.
Comfortable and lightweight

Ties with sheer ribbon.

One size fits most

In stock (can be backordered)




Clear Quartz statement necklace

This Clear Quartz statement necklace has been handmade especially for Wear We Wander.  Adorned with raw Clear Quartz, this handmade statement necklace is perfect for those who like something unique and who dare to be different.

Here at Wear We Wander we pride ourselves in knowing exactly who makes every single item we sell, we choose to work with talented artisans, rather than large factories. We are celebrating the makers. We are taking positive steps towards changing the world through fashion. Lets set a new standard in the fashion world? Lets ask the question, Who Makes My Clothes?

Who Made it?

Ethically Made in the USA by Melissa Loschy. Check out more of her work Loschy Designs