Danu Ceramics Teal Planter


Striking Teal and Gold Lustre – What a complimentary couple.

Gorgeous porcelain planters with 22k gold lustre accents.


Meet the maker – Danu Ceramics

Award winning Artist, Crafter & Designer of Danu Ceramics, Ruth Power, has created covetable collectibles reflective of our roots in trading goods and world cultures, inspired by her own travels and wanderlust. Using 22k gold filigree, natural clay, glazed in luxurious colours with delicate decals all lovingly applied by hand, she has created an organic, refined collection of ceramic homeware and jewellery with an essence of opulence instilled in each piece. With a belief in living simply shining through and inspiring respect in each item, Ruth creates a reflection of a particular place or time, imbuing it new life and adding a handmade human element that inspires a connection to our own culture. Her creations retain the natural quality and integrity of the clay, adding an understated elegance and accepting the quirks and imperfections of the handmade, making each piece worthy of attention.

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